Antarctica Inside Scoop: Luxury Living Aboard Hebridean Sky

Here she is from the outside: But what is it like aboard Hebridean Sky? Hopefully my photos will give you an idea of the luxury of her accommodations and common areas, which were far more comfortable and spacious than I had imagined. And when I first showed these photos to Dag he was astonished – some […]

Antarctica Inside Scoop: The Dreaded Drake Passage

All aboard Hebridean Sky! We were due to set sail in a few hours; we would be navigating the calm reaches of Beagle Channel at night and waking to find ourselves in Drake Passage by morning.  I was excited, but in my stomach there was still a big knot of anxiety about the Drake. However, […]

Antarctica Expedition Cruise: The Inside Scoop

Getting There So why did it take me so long to decide to go to Antarctica? A simple 3-word answer: The Drake Passage. This  stretch of water, between the tip of South America and the northern reach of the Antarctic Peninsula, is infamous for its storms. And… I get seasick. When Dag went to Antarctica […]

The Elephant Mirror

So why do we care so much about elephants? Clearly, in ecological terms they are a keystone species, playing an important role changing the environment and maintaining the biodiversity of ecosystems. On the savannahs of Africa, they feed on trees and bushes, helping to maintain up the grasslands that support other animals. In the forest […]

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