Upcoming Trips

Experience an adventure for a cause without having to assemble a group.

Individuals, couples and groups of only a few people are welcome to jump aboard a journey that’s already gearing up. Want to travel with your own posse? Select a private trip or have us prepare you something custom.

100 Miles for Elephants

Next Departure Sept. 17, 2018 

Snow Leopard Trek

Scheduled for Mar. 2019.

Private Trips

Have a transformative experience with your friends, colleagues or family members.

Just pick the adventure that appeals to you – many of our private trips even let you choose your own cause. Looking for something you don’t see here? Have us prepare you something custom. Travelling solo or with only a few people? You can also join an existing trip.

Biking For Gorillas


Rajasthan Bike Challenge


Custom Trips

Tell us what you’re imagining, and we’ll bring it to life with our award-winning travel expertise.

Don’t worry about the legwork, logistics and local leadership – we take care of that, crafting a meaningful, exhilarating, cause-driven journey just for you.

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