Travel (with) your heart out.

To us, that means journeys — not vacations. Uncharted experiences, not checklists or Top 10s. Being a meaningful part of the community and pitching in sustainably, not superficially. And joining other humans in a struggle that goes beyond borders, languages or species.

It means trekking across astonishing Himalayan passes to save snow leopards. Or cycling through Cambodia and the temples of Ankor Wat to send kids to school. Or exploring the remote African savannah while conserving elephant habitats. Or paddling along the lush rainforests of Canada’s wild West Coast, as the whales you’re protecting surface in front of you.

And when you find yourself dancing with Samburu women, or staring into a mountain gorilla’s wrinkled face, you won’t need a photo (although you might take one). Because your journey won’t just last in your memories — it’ll last in the creatures and communities you’ve helped.

The kind of travel you need… and the world needs.

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There are elephants on the plain. Rana, our second lead guide, carefully checks their movements before we carry on. It’s thrilling to be walking through the territory of these megafauna, knowing we are their guests. And kept safe by our Samburu team. See the link in our bio for details of the 2022 trek. #kenya #elephantland #elephantadventures #africatrek #wildtrekking #adventuresforacause #milesforelephants #gotrekking #samburutribe #laikipiasafari ...

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The amazing Gabriel leads our Miles for Elephant treks in Kenya. He grew up in this landscape, watched over his family’s goats and cattle, keeping an eye out for predators, when he was a kid. He knows the fauna and flora of this place inside out. He knows how to keep us safe. He is a brilliant teacher, guide and naturalist. Funny, compassionate and always fully in the moment. An angel indeed. #kenya #bestguideever #milesforelephants #adventuresforacause #adventureofyourlifetime #trekkingafrica #wildtrekking #samburutribe #saveelephantsworld ...

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