For NGOs


An Adventure for a Cause gives participants the journey of a lifetime –  while they fundraise for your organization’s important work. You envision it, we design, promote and run it.

How It Works

  1. We sit down with you, learn about your work, and listen to your goals. Then we design a thoughtful, unforgettable Adventure For a Cause in your region that culminates in a visit to your project. The adventure can include trekking, cycling, kayaking, climbing or other activities.
  2. We promote the Adventure For a Cause to our fans and friends through our newsletters, social media and network of past travellers. You spread the word too — through your website, social media, newsletters, press releases, etc.
  3.  We take care of all logistics, ensuring your Adventure For a Cause is a success for everyone involved. Your adventure is booked and run through our fully licensed travel agency, Hidden Places Travel. We even provide a crowdfunding platform for participants to run their campaigns.
  4.  We keep things simple, ethical and transparent. Trip participants pay for the Trip Cost out or their own pocket, while monies from their fundraising efforts go to your cause.

Benefits for Your Organization

High Returns for Less Sweat
An Adventure For a Cause isn’t a drain on your resources. We take care of developing the adventure, as well as the logistics and administrative work of running it. We create promotional material, provide the crowd-funding platform and ensure a smooth flow of funds to your organization. Your only task is to reach out to your followers via your usual channels, and promote the adventure.

Let Your Supporters See How Vital Your Work Is
It’s one thing to be an occasional donor or follower of an organization. It’s quite another to see the project up close, meet the people involved, and experience powerfully and emotionally how important the cause is. This experience can turn supporters into lifelong, passionate advocates for your organization, facilitating future support, word-of-mouth, and long-lasting relationships.

Tap Into the Adventures for a Cause Network
Not only will your adventure help you mobilize your followers, it’ll help you gain new, dedicated supporters through our networks and marketing efforts. Our audience — thoughtful people interested in meaningful projects that are doing good work for the world — is constantly growing. We introduce you to each other.

Supercharge Your Fundraising Efforts
Go way beyond the usual appeals for donations — offer your followers a chance to have an adventure of a lifetime while supporting your cause!

Give the Media a Fresh Story to Share
Turn more heads by framing your important work in a new and exciting way. The build-up to the campaign, the actual adventure itself — and best of all, the reactions and experiences your supporters will come back with. Communicate your success stories in the authentic, excited voices of those who have seen your work up close.

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