Our Background

Travelling (with) our hearts out has been a part of our ethos since we were scrappy, unshowered backpackers in the 1970s.

At first, we scraped together money for environmental and community projects ourselves – two people hustling like crazy to protect snow leopards or fight elephant poaching. Then we realized we could raise more funds – and make a much bigger impact – if we brought some like-minded people along. And so Adventures for a Cause was born. (For what it’s worth, we do have access to showers now.)

Our Philosophy

We build thoughtful, transformative journeys that live on in the creatures and communities we help.

Our fundraising trips are adventures with a dash of heart: they’re about being brave and caring, immersing yourself in our world, experiencing the ecosystems you’re protecting, and meeting the animals and people you’re helping. Adventures for a Cause take you to wild and astonishing places – and bring out what makes you human. They’re exhilarating, they’re on-of-a-kind, and they leave the planet a better place.

Want to come along?

Our Founders

30 years ago, Dag and Maria stumbled across each other, discovered a shared passion for adventure, abandoned their ‘real’ jobs and set off around the globe with a folding kayak. It was a life-changer: they began to bring others along, and founded Adventures for a Cause to give back to the creatures, community members and places they love.

Maria Coffey:

award-winning author of twelve books, very very very well travelled, passionate about the planet. Transplanted to British Colombia but still retains her British accent.

Dag Goering:

globetrotting veterinarian (did someone call for a camel vet?), internationally published photographer, detail-oriented, inspirational. Gets emotional about elephants.

Our Team

 Our hand-picked trip leaders and local guides share our ethics, have the skills and expertise to lead you through the wilds (safely, of course), and have the heart to create warm and authentic connections with people you meet along the way.

Our Collaborators

We build partnerships with well-run, trusted NGOs and community groups who effect real change where it matters most. Want to partner with us? Get in touch.

Our crowd-funding platform is powered by FundRazr and Chimp to help ease and maximize your fundraising efforts. Our trip logistics are looked after by Hidden Places, the award-winning adventure travel operator, to ensure excellence, safety and a sense of wonder in of all our journeys.

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