Small Ship Expeditions

Our planet is blue.

Water covers most of the earth, so obviously the best way to explore its far reaches is by boat. We’ve had an ongoing love affair with the sea ever since we began kayaking remote corners of the world many years ago. Eventually these rugged expeditions morphed into mothership trips to magnificent places we had discovered. (Like Vietnam, where we pioneered kayaking in Halong Bay.)  Since then we have created many outstanding adventures on the water for our guests. Our carefully chosen small expedition ships take you way off the beaten track to some of the world’s most stunning coastlines.

But these are not cruises. We want you to experience the world deeply, with all your senses: like paddle boarding with penguins, snorkeling around icebergs, kayaking with sea lions, surfing with dolphins… get the picture?

Join us. Your (small) ship awaits you!

Our Vessels

Tall Ship
Antarctic Expedition Vessel - Greg Mortimer
Greg Mortimer
Mediterranean Gulet

Our Water-Based Adventures

Greece Mothership Kayaking
Being Close to Marine Life in Galapagos


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