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Become one with water.

There are few things as intimate and vivid as seeing the world from your kayak — cutting perfect lines into the water with your paddle, drifting down rivers speckled with petals and lilies, discovering sea caves and beaches that would be impossible to find on foot, and drifting towards the horizon (with the occasional dolphin surfacing).
We’ve wandered the world’s blue fringes for the last 30 years, flirted with the coastlines of 7 continents, found the most pristine and isolated spots, and pioneered sea kayaking in some of Earth’s most stunning places (the Solomon Islands anyone?). And wrote books about it. Over 30,000 miles later, we’re still in love with how small — and sublime — this form of wandering makes you feel. 


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Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Blogging from the blue.

Laos Rhymes with WOW!

Admittedly, it’s a bit confusing.  Blame it on the French colonists who stuck a silent ‘s’ on the end. So yes, it’s like ‘wow’, which actually sums up this astounding place! And here are a few of [...]

How to Help Kerala

Beautiful, gentle Kerala, has suffered a big disaster, caused by the worst flooding in a century. Huge numbers of people have been displaced and many have lost their lives. We have been keeping [...]


The true beauty of our Kerala trips is the encounters with local people. And our guides - like Praveen on this paddling excursion in the backwaters - provide a window into such lovely interactions. .#india #kerala #kayaking #kayaklife#indiaadventures #exploreindia#culturephotography #worldsmeet#paddleadventures #keralabackwaters#keralalife #keralalifestyle #villagelife#indiaphotography#keralaphotography #keralaphotographers #keralaphotographyclub ...

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Happy morning encounter in the Kerala backwaters. #india #kerala #kayaking #kayaklife #indiaadventures #exploreindia #culturephotography #worldsmeet #paddleadventures #keralabackwaters #keralalife #keralalifestyle #villagelife #indiaphotography #keralaphotography ...

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Kayaking Kerala’s backwaters is an entrancing experience of beauty, tranquility and human connection. We have paddled these narrow waterways countless times and are always deeply touched by the kindness and friendliness of people living along the banks.
See the link in our bio for details of the next Kerala Kayaking, Culture and Cuisine trip.
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We’re not on the first page on Google. We don’t do web marketing.

So you’re here because your friends traveled with us, or you read our books. Maybe you saw one of our presentations or art shows. Or heard of our conservation efforts.

Then you’ll know that we love to discover hidden places. Places on the fringe of the world or simply a few steps off the beaten path. Places where magic happens. Places that are wild and genuine.

During our 25 years of exploring and leading trips we have found many such gems. We like to share these with our tribe and friends of friends.

Have a look around.

We’re happy to help create your next peak experience.

  • "Once again, Hidden Places has given their Galapagos guests a memorable traveling experience, filled with an appreciation for the wonders and beauty of our planet as well as a great learning experience . "

    Jane W. Brackendale, Canada
  • My second trip with you was just as fabulous as the first. You prepare so thoughtfully and everything is executed with such apparent ease. You are imaginative, generous and kind, and it is heart warming to be around you. I’ll travel with Hidden Places again!

    Margit R Helena Island, SC, USA
  • Thank you for finding the ‘hidden places’ in each town… all of them were the result of your incredible attention to detail and your passion for bringing new experiences to others.

    Gillian G Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Another wonderful trip filled with laughter and joy. You always create an amazing experience. The boat and crew were wonderful, catering to all our needs. I can’t wait for the next adventure!

    Gloria W Victoria, BC, Canada
  • The hidden gem in the journey was the great care and attention to detail by Hidden Places. Your compassion and sensitivity to guests is first class.

    Kevin S Mississauga, ON, Canada
  • Thank you for an awesome adventure in Greece. Your trips are always very special and I feel so lucky to be with you and all the guests.

    Marge M Summerdale, USA
  • A unique and wonderful experience: Great setting, great food, great crowd, great ambience. May there be many more hidden places to explore with such fine people. Many thanks.

    Rod and Marnie D Victoria, BC, Canada
  • You are true professionals in what you do. I already am looking forward to our next Hidden Places adventure.

    Mike S Burlington, ON, Canada
  • "Where do you start after a perfect trip? We did and saw more than our wildest dreams, with amazing scenery at every turn. The lodges chosen by Hidden Places made us wish we had a free day at each one, they were all amazing, so unique and so welcoming."

    Shawn S. Vancouver, Canada
  • My wife and I have enjoyed 4 fantastic trips with Hidden Places over the last 5 years - 3 of them led by Maria and Dag, whose skills, personalities and innate understanding of how to make every moment special is truly remarkable. 

    Hugh S Whistler, BC
  • "This trip was spectacular! The itinerary exposed us to beautiful sections of Namibia, and a wonderful variety of activities. The accommodations were luxurious and set in natural, conservation-oriented settings. Each lodge had distinct experiences to offer, with wonderful nature guides. Our time hiking and riding jeeps in the bush, seeing the Skeleton Coast from a small plane, kayaking on a lagoon, quietly watching wildlife at a water hole for hours, seeing the African sunsets and stars for the first time, and exploring brilliant red sand dunes---was transformative. This was truly the trip of a lifetime! Thank you! "

    Barrie L. San Francisco, USA
  • Hidden Places really takes care of its ‘family’ (we never feel like clients). The boat and crew, the hotel and staff – all top of the line. Thank you for one of the most incredible experiences of my life!

    Cheryl F San Diego, CA, USA
  • The best birthday in years! Thank you for another special adventure.

    Jane B Squamish, BC
  • We can't think of a better way to immerse yourself into this rich and vibrant country than traveling with Hidden Places. Maria and Dag have the adventure travel thing nailed down perfectly. We can't wait for our next adventure with them. 

    Kerry D and Carolyn B Calgary, AB
  • "This trip literally changed my life. It was an emotional experience which left me at peace and full of gratitude."

    Lois W. Vancouver, Canada
  • This trip exceeded our expectations as all Hidden Places trips do!

    Diane and Mark S Mount Vernon, WA, USA
  • Once again you’ve brought together extraordinary people and a magical place… and made every detail easy and fun.

    Katie and Larry W New York, NY, USA
  • You have such special skills – putting together the trip and then making it happen so beautifully. All that thought and care has made our holiday really special… a fantastic experience.

    Sir Chris and Wendy Carlisle, UK

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