How to Help Kerala

Beautiful, gentle Kerala, has suffered a big disaster, caused by the worst flooding in a century. Huge numbers of people have been displaced and many have lost their lives.

We have been keeping in close contact with our colleagues there – over the years we have developed strong friendships with them and have got to know their families. Thankfully they are all safe, and right now our guides are out in the field helping with relief work.

Some of our guests, especially those who have traveled to Kerala with us, have asked how they can help or to whom they can make donations.

We have been hesitant to give recommendations as we can’t personally vouch for any organization or that the monies would reach their intended cause.

We have been consulting with our local partners: The consensus seems to be that India and the state of Kerala have the means to deal with the immediate disaster. However the real challenge lies ahead. Tourism is the most important sector of the economy. Many communities, especially in the areas most affected by the floods, are dependant on tourism for their livelihoods. In order for them to recover and be sustainable, Kerala needs visitors.

Our partner Vishal has asked us to pass on this message to our followers:

Our land has been ravaged. Our people are in shock. But our spirit endures intact. 

We have seen lives and property vanish before our very eyes. But resilience has raised its head. The Keralite has built societies in all parts of the world. The Keralite will now rebuild the state. Hard work has never been alien to us. The restoration of our amenities is our priority. The airport will open again next weekend. The businesses now shut will be up and running by the start of next month.

You can help us most by coming to Kerala, by being a part of our resurgence. 

Help Kerala get back on its feet. Help Kerala …..Visit Kerala.”


We add our voices to this. If you were considering going to Kerala, don’t hesitate, be it with us or with another company or by traveling independently.

The best times to travel there, weather-wise, are from November to February. By then things will be running normally again. And you will be received and hosted in the most extraordinary way!









Warm wishes,

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