Ancient Art in the Burning Mountain

Now I know what a ‘washboard road’ feels like! Driving towards the mountain range called Brandberg certainly shook us about, but the views and the sense of absolute isolation were worth it. Brandberg stretches for 30 kilometres and encompasses the highest mountain in Namibia, Konigsstein, which rises to 2573 metres. The original Damara word for […]

Namibia and Botswana from the Roof!

Elephants and Style   Last September, we joined our Hidden Places group for the first part of their Namibia Luxury Safari. After we waved them goodbye in Swakopmund, Dag and I embarked on a journey across Namibia and into Botswana. Our home for the next three weeks would be a 4×4 Land Cruiser – which […]

How to Help Kerala

Beautiful, gentle Kerala, has suffered a big disaster, caused by the worst flooding in a century. Huge numbers of people have been displaced and many have lost their lives. We have been keeping in close contact with our colleagues there – over the years we have developed strong friendships with them and have got to […]

Ode to the E-Bike – what’s so great about them: our experiences

                  It’s official: I am madly in love with my e-bike. Dag and I each have one at our European base in Catalonia. To start with, at last I can keep up with him! And it’s been a game changer in terms of where I can cycle, […]

Antarctica Inside Scoop: Guest Blog by Lauren and Jim Farrell!

Last November we went on a 3-week expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. This was an incredible trip, maybe our best ever! Maria from Hidden Places advised us about the choice of the trip with Polar Latitudes, the timing and even the suite we should book – and she […]

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