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Meet our fellow Earthlings.

Nothing makes us feel as humbled, reverent, and shaken to the core — in a good way, that is — like our journeys with and for Earth’s wild creatures. Holding our breath as a mountain gorilla stares somberly at us in Rwanda, feeling the reverberation of thousands of hooves of Kenyan wildebeest in our chests, watching a fluffy penguin chick peck at our boots on a South Georgia beach — these aren’t just memories; they’re revelations into what it means to be part of our planet. (Learn more about our conservation projects and how you can help.) The world needs more witnesses of its wondrous wildlife. 

Join us for some wild encounters.

Hyenas in the Wild
Kenya Safari
Antarctic Expeditions
Chilling Cheetahs in Namibia Safari
Galapagos Expeditions
Group of Elephants in Namibia Safari
Trek for Elephants
Trek for Snow Leopards

Dispatches from the Field.

Elephants and Etosha

Heading towards Namibia’s Etosha National Park, we came across these amazing baobab trees. Their trunks looked like elephant skin. Speaking of elephants, when Dag spotted this pile of dung [...]

Instagram Posts.

Happy #monday! What better way to start the week than seeing a healthy elephant and her calf roaming free and safe in the wild. Through our Miles for Elephants treks we raise funds to help protect these magnificent creatures. The next trek is across Tanzania’s Serengeti http://www.hiddenplaces.net/walking-safari/
Come and walk with us for elephants!
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