Antarctica Inside Scoop: Guest Blog by Lauren and Jim Farrell!

Last November we went on a 3-week expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and the Antarctic Peninsula. This was an incredible trip, maybe our best ever! Maria from Hidden Places [...]

Reunion in India

‘Tis the season for reunions….. Earlier this month we flew to India and headed straight for the Missoorie Writers’ Festival, where I was to be a speaker. Missoorie is a funky old colonial hill [...]

Before Buddhism – Shinto

Shinto is the oldest religion of Japan.  On our third day here, it was really special to receive a personal greeting from this Shinto priest, Mr Yangagita, at the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine in [...]

The Art of Wasabi

In case you’ve ever wondered where that green blob of wasabi alongside your sushi comes from, here is the low down from Mr Nori Toshi. He is an 8th generation wasabi farmer on Japan’s lush Izu [...]

Master of Soba

Along a narrow lane in Yokohama, we duck under a low doorway hung with three banners and step into a tiny restaurant. The owner, Masaki Imahgahsi, bows to us in greeting. Foreigners rarely visit [...]

A Morning’s Kayaking in Kerala

We turn our kayaks down a narrow channel. Fifteen feet across, it’s lined by small houses, glimpses of verdant paddy fields between them. Children in immaculate school uniforms race along the [...]

Home Away – Sri Lanka

It’s lovely to be home. But memories of recent ‘away’ places wrap around me, and fill me with gratitude. Most recent was Sri Lanka. The island – which is about the size of Ireland – has an [...]