Three Things to Do to Make Your Next Kayak Trip More Enjoyable

Are you planning to go on that ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kayaking adventure soon?  So how can you make sure a trip like this will be the best it possibly can be considering all the money and time [...]

Reunion in India

‘Tis the season for reunions….. Earlier this month we flew to India and headed straight for the Missoorie Writers’ Festival, where I was to be a speaker. Missoorie is a funky old colonial hill [...]

Flying Zen

Dag and I have resolved to manage stress better or, if possible, to try to avoid it altogether, particularly with things that are out of our control. So when a delayed domestic flight to Bangkok [...]

Trekking for Elephants – Kenya

This was an adventure that came out of the blue. We doing some work on elephant conservation in Laikipia, Northern Kenya, when a friend of ours, Anne Powys, asked if we would consider supporting [...]

China steps up to the plate.

It’s a Happy New Year for elephants, with the news that China will shut down its ivory trade in 2017. There is hope for our planet and its creatures! Special thanks to all the conservation groups [...]

Real Adventures – Together!

 Adventuring together in the wild is the best way to bond! With these two fabulous women I’ve trekked across the high plains of Kenya and through remote Himalayan valleys (raising funds to [...]

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