Elephants – Target Training

Here at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation we are attending a workshop on the Target Training of captive elephants, led by renowned Mexican veterinarian and animal trainer Dr. Geraldo [...]

Christmas at Home

When I first met Dag he was horrified to learn that, six months after arriving on Vancouver Island, I still hadn’t visited its wild west coast. The first sunny weekend that followed, he put that [...]

In the heart of Africa.

I woke at dawn to hear the breathy barking of impalas, a warning that lions were up and hunting. I sat up to see several elephants ambling towards the water hole below my banda as the equatorial [...]

A Morning’s Kayaking in Kerala

We turn our kayaks down a narrow channel. Fifteen feet across, it’s lined by small houses, glimpses of verdant paddy fields between them. Children in immaculate school uniforms race along the [...]