Home Away – Sri Lanka

It’s lovely to be home. But memories of recent ‘away’ places wrap around me, and fill me with gratitude. Most recent was Sri Lanka. The island – which is about the size of Ireland – has an abundance of riches: Beautiful forests where thousands of wild elephants roam; rugged mountains; lush tree plantations; a host of national parks; the fabulous ruins of ancient cities; massive stupas and caves filled with gorgeous statues of Buddha, dating from BC; wonderfully preserved walled forts built by the Portuguese and Dutch back in the 16th and 17th centuries; sweeps of white sand beaches where fishermen pull in their catches just as their great-great-great grandfathers did….the list is endless. And its people! Friendly, welcoming, joyful and generous, with mega-watt smiles. Simply put, Sri Lanka is a gorgeous little country, brimming with cultural, religious and natural diversity. I’m proud of the trip we have carefully crafted there. Our itinerary is full of activity and surprises. Our accommodations are beautiful and atmospheric. Our guests feel pampered, but at the same time we constantly put them in the touch with the ‘real’ Sri Lanka, in an authentic way. It’s a joy to share our discoveries on this very special island.

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