The Kindness of Strangers

During our travels Dag and I have received so much kindness from strangers, it’s lovely to get a chance to give back. One evening last week, a participant in the Race To Alaska pulled into our bay. Mathieu Bonnier from France had been rowing his tiny Liteboat for four hard days, against the wind. He was happy to accept our offer of a hot shower, dinner and a comfortable bed for the night. Was he hungry? “Maria, I could eat a beef!” he said. While he ate he told us stories of rowing across the Atlantic, and through the NW Passage. Early next morning we fed him again – a big fried breakfast – before waving him off on his next stage of the race. He’s up by Bella Bella now. In the madness of this world, a bunch of adventurers making their way by human and wind power along this wild coast seems sane and life affirming.

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