Adventure Journal #1: Walking in the Footsteps of Elephants

The Kindness of Strangers

During our travels Dag and I have received so much kindness from strangers, it’s lovely to get a chance to give back. One evening last week, a participant in the Race To Alaska pulled into our [...]

Giving Back

Back in 2010, Dag and I were first in Kenya, we visited a remote Samburu village, Nalare, (Oldonyiro) and met a group of women who had started to make paper from elephant dung. They were beading [...]

Change of Heart

Last year I met a man who once helped trophy hunters kill lions, leopards and elephants. I was in Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve, during a private Hidden Places safari. Selous is massive, [...]

Before Buddhism – Shinto

Shinto is the oldest religion of Japan.  On our third day here, it was really special to receive a personal greeting from this Shinto priest, Mr Yangagita, at the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine in [...]

Master of Soba

Along a narrow lane in Yokohama, we duck under a low doorway hung with three banners and step into a tiny restaurant. The owner, Masaki Imahgahsi, bows to us in greeting. Foreigners rarely visit [...]

Elephants – Target Training

Here at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation we are attending a workshop on the Target Training of captive elephants, led by renowned Mexican veterinarian and animal trainer Dr. Geraldo [...]

Home Away – Sri Lanka

It’s lovely to be home. But memories of recent ‘away’ places wrap around me, and fill me with gratitude. Most recent was Sri Lanka. The island – which is about the size of Ireland – has an [...]


When I was 19, I set off from England with a friend on my first big adventure. We flew to Rome, hitchhiked through Italy, took a ferry to Greece, and went island hopping for six glorious weeks. [...]

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